Bienvenue au coeur de la Sologne! 

Welcome to the heart of Sologne!


Superb Location

Villa Sofia is nestled at the heart of the Loire Valley in France (a.k.a. Valley of the Kings), with some its most oustanding chateaux such as Chambord and Cheverny less than half hour drive away. Traveling with kids, tyou can always opt for a close encounter with animals at the Beauval Zoo, one the largest in Europe. Alternatively, if you are

Your own garden at riverside

The house has a big lawn facing riverside and can be securely locked to create a safeguarded private space of your own


La Grande Sologne is characterized by a mosaic of different environments we have commitment to preserve its ecosystem.  There's no watering from the city but with a rainwater collection system that feeds the toilet and wash cloths, no herbicide used

"Kids friendly"


"Genuine French cultural experience"